Stand up for migrant communities

In a divisive statement to the Daily Telegraph, NSW Labor Opposition Leader Luke Foley pointed to “white flight” where “Anglo families have moved out” because of the existence of migrants and refugees in Western Sydney.

As soon as Mr Foley’s statements were printed, anti-multicultural leader Pauline Hanson rushed out to praise him on national television, exclaiming that he was echoing a position she has held for decades.

The Labor Party says they support migrant and multicultural communities, so why is one of their leaders blaming migrants for Government infrastructure failures and claiming the very presence of migrants makes “Anglo” people flee?

The Labor Party clearly needs to condemn these statements and affirm their support for migrant and multicultural communities.

What could have been an opportunity for Mr Foley to stand by Australia’s multicultural suburbs and advocate for better infrastructure, has quickly became another case of a politician pitting one section of our community against another.

Western Sydney is a wonderful example of diverse Australia, but in one foul swoop the NSW Labor Opposition Leader has defamed that diversity and the communities within it.

Let the Labor Party know you won’t stand for this!