Donations Policy

Colour Code is part of independent campaigning organisation GetUp. Donations to Colour Code are collected and processed by GetUp.

We are deeply committed to enabling democratic participation via donations from as many individuals and businesses as possible.

However, there are some individuals and businesses from whom we do not accept donations, due to state or federal electoral laws or because of our movement's core values -- like remaining politically independent.

We also cannot accept foreign donations for electoral expenditure –under federal law, if you would like to make a donation to any of our electoral campaigns, you must be an Australian Citizen, resident, entity or satisfy the conditions under the Commonwealth Electoral Act 1918 to donate to us.

If you have questions or need to arrange a refund on this basis, please contact our Donations team.

We are obliged to disclose cumulative donations of $13,800 or more in a financial year to the Australian Electoral Commission under the Commonwealth Electoral Act.

We may also be obliged to disclose single or cumulative donations of $1,000 or more to one or more State Electoral Commissions under one or more State Electoral Acts.

Donors who contribute to any of our campaigns relating to a state government election in Victoria, New South Wales or South Australia are required by electoral laws in those states to disclose the donation to the relevant State Electoral Commission if the amount contributed (either as a single or cumulative donation) is equal to or more than the amounts in the table below. Information on how to make a disclosure can be found on each State Electoral Commission website. Disclosures to state electoral commissions should identify ‘GetUp Limited’ as the recipient of the donation.

Victoria: $1000
Victorian Electoral Commission

New South Wales: $1000
Electoral Commission NSW

South Australia: $5000
Electoral Commission SA

Online payment processing fees

To help us cover fees associated with payments made online, we provide donors with the option to contribute a further 1.7% of the value of their donation. This amount was calculated by reference to what we pay in fees for accepting credit cards and PayPal donations and represents the most appropriate rate to genuinely assist us to cover the costs of online payments.