Demand liberals stop printing hate

The Victorian Liberal Party is distributing leaflets drumming up fear of African-Australian kids – encouraging communities to see them as animals by referring to them as gangs who "hunt in packs".

Printing and distributing these leaflets is an attempt to make people judge kids by the colour of their skin, and turn our communities against each other.

Instead of standing for all Victorians, Matthew Guy’s Liberal Party is now fanning the flames of extremism and encouraging hate in our community.

Only an overwhelming response can stop racism in politics in its track - can you demand the Liberal Party stop printing this hate?

For months, Victoria’s migrant and multicultural communities have had to endure baseless public commentary on incidences of crime and its connection to race and ethnicity. Even Victoria’s Chief Commissioner of Police has described the commentary as “complete and utter garbage”. 1,2

We need politicians to act with integrity and truth – not attempt to win elections using fear towards people depending on what they look like or where they come from.

If we allow this kind of racism to become a feature of political debate, we divide neighbour against neighbour and threaten all of our safety.

[1] 'Senior police officer says Victoria is one of the world’s safest places as #Africangangs campaign begins',, 16 January 2018.
[2] '10 things you need to understand about crime reporting in 2018', Police Accountability Project.