Right now politicians are threatening to introduce an ‘Australian values’ test, are publicly implying Chinese business people are spies and handing out racist  leaflets depicting our kids as animals – our communities are under fire.  

With a Victorian state election around the corner, it’s clear politicians are scrambling to win votes by targeting our communities. Luckily, the balance of numbers are shifting in our favour.

Politicians need to be reminded that our communities make up 25% of the voting population.

That's why with your help and other Colour Code members, we're producing a hard-hitting #NoRacismInPolitics campaign video. 

The video will feature community members standing together against politicians who use racist election tactics. You wont need any experience, just your passion and energy as you stand with many others across the state uniting to say ENOUGH.

+ How do I take part?

Come in and film with us

We are filming on Saturday 4 August from 10am – 2pm at a venue in Collingwood. You can come along and meet other community members and the Colour Code team. You won’t be needed for the whole time – we’ll be in touch with specific times and venue details next week.

Film your own video, and send it in

We don’t need anything fancy – a smart phone or other camera will do! If you’d like to film at home, we’ll be in touch next week with some tips and tricks for filming, and to answer any questions you might have.

+ What will I be saying?

We’ll get everyone to follow a short script covering some key points:

  • Politicians are letting our communities down by engaging in racist election tactics
  • Our communities are tired of being vilified for votes – we are saying enough.
  • We make up 25% of the population – we are powerful.
  • We will use that power to hold politicians accountable at the ballot boxes

We’ll also give people the chance to share their own experiences and concerns about this issue.

We’ll provide more details on the script, and prompt questions next week before filming.

+ Where will this video go?

We will be broadcasting this video far and wide on social media to have the greatest possible impact. The video will also be uploaded onto our website, and emailed to you – our members – to show them the powerful end result! If this video takes off, there is a chance it could get picked up by the media – which just means further reach and greater impact!

any more questions?

Get in touch on with your questions, and our team will get back to you ASAP!