This week, the Coalition is trying to make Peter Dutton’s vision of Australia a reality.

The government is expected to introduce a bill requiring people to pass a university level English test, drastically extending permanent residency requirements before people who live here can become citizens, and granting Dutton even more extraordinary powers. 

The Greens and Labor will oppose it, but that's not enough.

Last night, Senator Stirling Griff from the Nick Xenophon team raised significant concerns with the proposed bill, saying that it 'instills fear and foments hate.'

But if we want to stop this legislation, we'll need the entire Nick Xenophon Team, as well as more cross-benchers to join them in opposing the legislation in its entirety.

There’s still a few days left to stop this from happening.

 We can’t let Peter Dutton grab even more control over people's lives.

Together, we can make sure this legislation is stopped, and that we live in a country built on respect and inclusion.

If you're in South Australia or Victoria, call your local cross-bench Senator to tell them they must block Dutton's Law.