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Racism towards Asian communities has surged since the start of the coronavirus outbreak.

Now, people across the country are standing in solidarity – sending in messages and pictures of support to the Asian community.

Together, we're choosing love over hate, care over cruelty and #UnityOverFear.

We will get through together! Stay strong and dont lose hope! Murtaza
One heart, one mind, one love, one world Ju
Believe in humanity. Courage as always, for this time shall also pass. Victor
We're here for you. We support you. We stand with you. Nash
You are welcome here and you belong. Joanne
Love creates love. We stand together! Ismail
Please don't forget that you have the support of all of us. Racism is never okay and we're here for you. Jae
At Switchboard, we choose #UnityOverFear.

There has been an increase in racism during this pandemic against Chinese Australians and International students, with many unreported who remain silent. We do not tolerate any form of racism or discrimination and we stand in solidarity with those affected.

Let us all show kindness to our fellow human beings during this stressful time. Switchboard Victoria
We are all connected. Let's be inclusive. Susan
I would like you to know that I object to racism in any form. You are an important part of our country and deserve to be loved as much as anyone Janet
When and wherever I see an act of racism I will be standing by your side and my voice will be heard in your defence. Rere Huia
Hold fast all people of color! Maintain your dignity and rise above it all. Victor
Always choose unity over fear, love over hate, and acceptance over ignorance! I stand with you! Mituri
Thank you to everyone for all your support for Asian Aussies! Yatsen
I love people from all the world's communities, including our Asian brothers and sisters. Stay strong. Keep safe. We need you. Ann
Know that you are being supported. Those who belittle and bully are ignorant and cowards. Jasmine
There is never any excuse for racism, bigotry or hatred: we are better and stronger when we are united, compassionate and tolerant. Sybille
Love not fear!! Jason
It's illogical to display fear and resentment towards anyone based on their ethnicity, or any other aspect of their genetic origins. Covid doesn't discriminate. Nor should we. Alison
Being Australian isn't about where we've come from, be it Aboriginal, by ship, a refugee from WWII, Syria or Sri Lanka, or just a regular immigrant, being Australian is about where we are headed as One. We stand with the Asian community as One. Ranju
I support the Asian community and all other human beings who face racism on a daily basis Lily
Stay safe and united together, we are here to support you. Hanady
I'm very sorry for the racism that you are experiencing right now. You don't deserve it. You are not alone. I stand by you and support you in this difficult time Darin
Spread the message of unity and stand tall. Jasmine
I stand with you. There is no place for ignorance. We all need each other. I choose unity over fear. Maria


The Chinese Community Council of Australia Inc,

The Multicultural Communities Council of NSW Inc.,

& The National Chinese Australian Leaders Group
This is just as much your country as it is for anyone else who isn't Indigenous. Kia kaha. Ari
Racism is ignorant and unkind. We should always stand together. I welcome different races here – we need you and want you. Sandra
This is a trying time for all of us, and we should all stand united to help combat the virus. Racism is never ok, and I stand in solidarity with everyone affected. You are not alone, and we are all in this together. Yicheng
You belong and I stand with you Stephanie
Those who seek to divide us are the ones that exclude themselves from a life of compassion, unity, and love. Therefore, let us resist together. Anonymous
I would like to apologise for the the behaviours of a very small number of Australians. There is no place in our society for this. Jennifer
I stand with you. I am, you are, we are Australians Ruth Ann
I welcome you and am sorry for any racism directed towards Asian people. I acknowledge that Asian people make significant positive contributions to our country both now and in the past. I stand with you. Dale
All the people of goodwill are standing with you. We will defeat all those who seek to divide us. Boris
I am battling against racism because racism hurts innocent people and robs children of a future worth living. Aurora
We are here to support you & thank you for your contribution to our country. Jean
Let's live love and be happy. Stop the bullying and suppression! Winston
Love is superior to hate. Many more love than those that hate. George
Cooperation + tolerance = peace Mark
We're all in this life together Veronica
I am so sorry that there are so many cruel, ignorant, racist people in Australia. They bring shame on our country and infuriate all of us who want to live in an inclusive, fair, bigotry free world! Caron
Please don't let ignorant racists define what it is to be 'Australian' - they don't for me, and not for you. Lenny
I support all of you. Pamela
Being an Aboriginal man I have endured racism all my life, we all still do. Unity Over Fear. Shawn
I'm against discrimination and racism Fred
Racism is never ok, vilification is never ok. It's never ok to blame someone for something they have absolutely no control over. This is a time to come together, show tolerance & compassion. I am really sorry that you are experiencing the worst in people rather than the best. I can't believe there are so many idiots out there, hopefully they can see how stupid their behaviour is. Cheers & all my support Margo
Do not let the idiots rule your life. Joe
I support everyone in the Asian community and will show my support for them in any way I can... and am proud of that. Paul
I support Unity over Fear. I stand with the Asian Community. Ann
I support diversity and unity. Sonia
We're all human beings together. Where I live, we're quite a mixed bag of different cultures, all working together, raising families, living lives. It's a pretty good place to live. Joan


We’re showing the Asian community that they aren't alone right now, and we stand united against racism.

Submit your message or picture of support below.

Let's show that we care, no matter what we look like or where we're from.

In taking action, I agree to GetUp's Privacy Policy.
Think about what you would like to say to people from Asian communities who are being impacted.

Here are some ideas:
  • Words of support and reassurance
  • Explaining why you've chosen to stand with them
  • Why you think #UnityOverFear is important
  • A personal story drawing on your own experiences
Here are a few tips for taking your photo:

  • On a piece of paper, write 'I choose #UnityOverFear'
  • Take a photo of yourself holding the sign. Feel free to have more than one person in the photo – your housemates, family or friends are all welcome!
  • If you're using a phone to take the photo, please turn it to landscape mode (on it's side)
  • Make sure you can read the sign clearly in the photo
The Chinese Australian Forum is running a petition, calling for #UnityOverFear and for our leaders to condemn the abuse.

The petition will be sent to politicians for tabling in Parliament as a clear message that we won't tolerate racism.

Click here to add your name